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bicycle wheel and tire Traditional bicycle wheels consist of a central hub surrounded by wire spokes connecting the hub to an outer circular rim.  The spokes are held under tension, allowing the wheel to be both strong and lightweight.  The rubber tire contains an inner tube made of latex or butyl that surrounds the rim and is filled with air.  Narrower tires typically use higher air pressure in the inner tube.

There are several tire styles that wheels are designed to fit.  Clincher tires are U-shaped, with one side open to the rim.  The tire has ridges on each edge, referred to as "beads", that keep it in place against the steel or aluminum rim.  These tires are widely used on mountain, touring, and hybrid bicycles.

Some road bikes use tubular tires.  These tires are very narrow and feature tubes sewn inside the tire.  The tire is glued onto a smooth rim made of aluminum alloy or carbon-fiber composite.  Older tubular wheelsets used wooden rims.  Tubular tires are more difficult to change than clincher tires, but they provide a very smooth ride.

Many time trial or triathlon bikes use aerodynamic rims that are lighter in weight and cut down on wind resistance.  They often have an aluminum braking surface and aerodynamically bladed spokes.

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antique bicycle wheel with wooden spokes and pedals
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