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racing bicycle seat It is important for any rider to purchase a seat, or "saddle" that is comfortable, since an uncomfortable seat can lead to an un-ridden bike.  Saddles come in different shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, men's saddles are longer and narrower, while those made for women tend to be shorter and wider to accommodate for different pelvis shapes.

bicycle saddle The ideal saddle provides adequate shock absorption without excess padding.  Softer saddles tend to work well for shorter trips and bicycles which position the rider more upright.  They may have a gel cushion on each side of the seat.  A cyclist in a more leaning position can use a firmer saddle, as the weight is more evenly distributed between the seat and the bars.  Firmer saddles may have a narrow cutaway shape so as not to impede efficient pedaling.  They sometimes feature a groove down the center for increased comfort.  Saddle covers may be made of leather (an older style), synthetic materials, foam, or gel.

Another important aspect of finding the right saddle is making sure that it is the correct height and position for optimum cycling.  The height should allow the cyclist to almost fully extend the leg without locking it.  The seat can be adjusted with an Allen key or a quick-release lever at the base of the seat post.  In addition to adjustments in height, the seat can also be tipped up or down and moved forward or backward on the seat post to achieve ideal cycling position.

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