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racing bicycle parts A road bike is comprised of many individual parts.  Unlike mountain bikes, road bikes have no suspension mechanism; the frame, seat rails, and carbon fiber fork all work together to absorb shock.

The frame is the "skeleton" of the bike and connects the rest of the components.  The shape of the frame is what determines much of the look and feel of the bike.

Road bike saddles are narrow, with rails to absorb shock.  High-end rails are made from carbon fiber or titanium.  Many saddles feature a groove down the center for comfort.

Handlebars are often made of lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber.  They should be sized to match the shoulder width of the rider.  There are a few different handlebar shapes; this is usually determined by rider preference.

The headset is one of the least noticed parts of any bicycle but is very important.  It is the bearing assembly that allows the fork to turn.  A poor quality headset will quickly wear out and will prevent a road bike from handling properly.

The pedals are usually lightweight and designed for cleats or clips, or they may be the newer clipless style.  Most road pedals are designed to be clicked into on one side only.

Road bikes commonly feature caliper brakes.  Cables run from the brake lever to the brakes and from the shift levers to the derailleurs.  Most modern road bikes have integrated brake and shift levers.

The crankset on a road bike features two or three chainrings.  The cassette is typically nine or ten speed.  The chain is designed for a specific number of speeds so that it will match the cassette.  The bottom bracket is the bearing and spindle that connects the two crank arms together.

Road bike wheels are thin and lightweight, with clincher or tubular tires.  The hubs can be purchased with different numbers of spoke holes, so it is important to match hubs and rims.

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