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bicycle pedal Pedals are an essential bicycle component as they transfer cycling power to the bicycle's drive train.  Different styles of bicycles utilize different pedal styles, with the most basic being a platform design.  These pedals allow the cyclist's feet to rest on them and do not require any special shoes or clips.  Platform pedals may be found on older ten-speed bicycles, as well as some mountain and BMX bicycles.  They only transfer power to the drive train on the front half of the downward stroke.

Pedals that are connected to a cyclist's feet allow muscle power to be transferred on the upward stroke as well, making for more effective pedaling.  Clips and cleats are two means of attaching the foot to the pedal.  Toe clips are cages attached to the front of the pedal which enclose the cyclist's shoe.  These clips can be easily adjusted and do not require any special type of shoe.  Cleats lock the feet into the pedals and are attached to the sole of specially-designed cycling shoes.  Cleats are often used in racing, as they transfer power more efficiently than toe clips, but toe clips are preferred for recreational cycling, as ordinary shoes can be worn.

Another type of pedal is the clipless version.  Special shoes attach to clipless pedals by stepping down onto the pedal with the cleat mounted to the bottom of the shoe.  The cleat will lock onto the pedal.  The foot is removed by a twisting motion.  This shoe/pedal combination delivers the same or better efficiency as the cleated combination, but allows the cyclist to get out of the pedals without reaching down to loosen the clip straps.  One disadvantage to the clipless styles is that they are difficult to ride without special shoes, but for the avid cyclist, the benefits of this style make it a popular choice.

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bicycle pedal and crankset with gear and chain
Bicycle Pedal and Crankset