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On multi-speed bicycles, gears are usually changed by a derailleur.  When a gear lever is shifted, the derailleur moves the bicycle chain from one sprocket to another by pushing it away or toward the bicycle frame.  Multi-speed bicycles typically have a front and rear derailleur.  The front derailleur alters the available shifting range by moving the chain across the chain rings.  The rear derailleur differentiates between the finer gears by moving the chain across the cogs.  Slack in the chain is taken up or let out by a spring-loaded arm located under the cogs.

bicycle rear derailleur bicycle front derailleur

Derailleurs were invented in 1899, but popularity only grew after the advent of paved roads.  Derailleurs developed in the 1980s began making use of index or click shifting.  These provide a click when the shift of gears is complete, and eliminate the guesswork of previous derailleurs.

Shop for front derailleurs and rear derailleurs at eBay.  Bicycle derailleurs made by Campagnolo, Shimano, and other vendors are included.

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Bicycle Derailleurs

rear derailleur and gears with chain and rear brake
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