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bicycle chain A bicycle chain connects the crankset to the cassette and allows the rear wheel to turn when pedaling.  A strong yet flexible chain is important so that it is able to shift back and forth without snapping.  The width of the chain depends on the number of speeds available; in general, more speeds means a narrower chain, while a bicycle with fewer speeds requires a wider chain.  The chain is located on the right side on most bicycles.

Wear and tear causes the chain to stretch and the distance between each link to become longer, so it is important to check and replace the chain when necessary.  When replacing a chain, the cassette should also be replaced at the same time, as an old cassette will quickly wear out a new chain.  As long as the chain is replaced within the recommended time, the chainrings will not typically need replacing.  The chain should be kept lubricated with bicycle chain lube.

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