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racing bicycle cassette The cassette is the cluster of gear cogs or sprockets attached to the hub of the rear wheel of a bicycle.  Pedaling action is transmitted to the cog via the chain.  This in turn rotates the rear wheel driving the bicycle forward.  The cassette allows the rear wheel to continue moving forward even when the rider coasts.

The most common cassette type is the nine-speed variety.  Combined with three chainrings on the chainset, it provides 27 gears.  The larger sprockets provide lower gears for easier climbing, while the smaller sprockets provide higher gears for faster speed.

Freewheels are an older style of cog mechanism, which have been mostly superceded by cassettes.  They are often found on single speed bicycles.  A freewheel has a cog mechanism built into it, while a cassette slides onto a grooved part of the rear hub that contains the cog part.

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