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bicycle components The pedal-driven bicycle was developed during the 19th century, and its basic design has improved incrementally over the years.  Today a bicycle consists primarily of a frame, a pair of wheels with pneumatic tires, handlebars, a saddle seat, brakes, pedals, gears, and a chain, although other precision components and parts are also present.  Many bicycle parts are designed with interchangeability in mind, allowing for easy upgrades or installation of all new components.  A few of the major component parts manufacturers are Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM.

A bicycle's frame and wheels determine most of its riding and handling characteristics.  Many materials are used in frame construction, each with their own blend of strength, comfort, and weight efficiency.  A new set of wheels can dramatically change a bicycle's ride.  Some wheels are smooth riding and are ideal for touring; other wheels, designed for racing or high performance, are more rigid and aerodynamic.  Individual strength and body weight play heavily into how each wheelset performs.

In addition to the basic components—brakes, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, crank, front and rear derailleur, gear cassettes, and shifters, there are other parts that make a significant difference in ride.  Saddle and handlebar types are of primary importance, as weight placement varies from person to person.  It is critical to be sized and fitted by a competent individual who takes into account the prospective rider's body type and riding style. features online shopping sources for bicycle components and parts, including universal bike parts at eBay, as well as a directory of selected bicycle part manufacturers where you can review specifications on a wide range of bicycle parts.

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    Shop this premier bicycle shop for a wide range of bicycle components, parts, and equipment by category or by search term.  Browse this online store for bicycle frames, forks, and saddles.  Find bottom brackets, pedals, and cranks plus brakes and cables.  "For people who love bikes."
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    Shop for a broad selection of bicycle components, gear, and clothing by category or by brand.  This bicycle products supplier offers bicycle tires, tubes, and wheels as well as derailleurs, chains, and bicycle maintenance tools.

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